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Huoliquankai Mixtape #34
The Not-So-Kool-Aid-Acid-Test by ME Nomad.
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If you are strolling around the streets of Berlin it’s more than likely that you have already come across one of the city’s striking characters who looks at you with a melancholic expression.
His art often functions as a critical remark on today’s social and political conditions but it always derives from a humorous and sanguine core.

We’re talking about Nomad and his mixtapes whose popularity might lie in this wonderful ambiguity – the steady rotation from cheerful A Capella songs from the 60’s to Acid Jazz legends and more electronic sounds of today.
Talking about Acid – this musical surprise comes without a track list but with a telling subtitle from Nomad himself, so please enjoy the “The Not-So-Kool-Aid-Acid-Test” mixtape and if you are in town this Friday, stop by ME the to experience some of Nomad’s legendary sets.

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