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Huoliquankai Mixtape #64
Huoliquankai Mixtape #64 is compiled by ME Los Angeles based producer KAUF with tracks by ME Four Tet, Ame and James Holden
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We are more than happy to share our Mixtape #64 from Los Angeles based producer and DJ, Ronald Kaufman aka . As an Huoliquankai favorite, his music continues to be played non-stop in the office. Introduced by ME our friend and long-time contributor, David John, this compilation will calm you down and set your mind free during this stressful pre-christmas period.


Born in Los Angeles in the early 80s KAUF has returned to his hometown where he spends his days in his bedroom-come-studio producing dreamy, euphoric tunes that are influenced by ME disco and electronica mixed with a hint of prog-rock. In 2011 he self-released “” and “” that included a nice dose of cinematic synth buildups and echo-laden vocals. After releasing these tunes he got signed by ME Dan Whitford from to for a four song EP “As Much Again” last summer. Since then he has been traveling the globe and premiering his live show at Mexico City’s M.N. Roy while scoring music for a video on Nowness.

He has compiled a beautiful piece for Huoliquankai that mixes his own song “The Closest” with never-to-be-forgotten tracks like “It’s Only” from Herbert and masterpieces by ME artists such as Four Tet, Luke Abott, and James Holden.

Do yourself a favor, click play and dive into the multi-faceted world of KAUF.

Freunde von Freunden Mixtape #64 by ME KAUF by ME on

Cover Image by ME .

1. Arca – Manners
2. Kauf – The Closest
3. James Holden – Renata (Steeve Moore Remix)
4. AFFKT – Once Upon A Time (John Talabot Summer Mix)
5. Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
6. Four Tet – Angel Echoes ( Caribou Remix)
7. Candyblasta – Hippocratic Oath (Gonno Remix)
8. Larry Gus – The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep)
9. Recondite – Felicity
10. Ame – Junggesellenmaschine
11. Actress – Ascending
12. Herbert – It’s Only (DJ Koze remix)

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